We began raising hay in order to feed our menagerie the best food: horses, cattle, and goats. We have learned a lot about nutrition and forage and you can benefit from our research. As a bonus, Albert, the machinery wizard who manages the harvest (in addition to the fertilizing and irrigation), has becomes a certified organic producer. This means that some of our fields are raised consistent with organic practices, for those who want organic pasture harvest. We have single-harvest fields of mountain meadow grass, replete with the myriad variety of forbes that are present in a 2,500′ altitude dryland field, to irrigated 90+% alfalfa, what we call dairy quality, seeing as we have a goat dairy (see Goats and Cheese pages).

Our experiences with hay will support your purchasing decisions. For example, horses can subsist very well on a mainly grass hay diet with a minor percentage of alfalfa. Only if an equine is working or training does it need a higher percentage of alfalfa hay. Most horses do just fine on a grass hay diet; in fact, the roughage is desirable for them.

We can haul hay to your location for a fee. We are located in Okanogan County, north central Washington, and charge accordingly for mileage. Albert has a semi that hauls approximately 7 ton of the 4×4 round bales. These large bales make for easier feeding in the wintertime. Some people like to leave the large bales out for “munching hay” and add some “candy bales” (smaller square bales) of the higher alfalfa blend. This makes for happy critters!