Imagine woods where you can walk amongst vigorous, healthy trees. You can enjoy birds, flowers, shrubs along gullies and other indicators of a healthy ecosystem. At Pine Stump Farms, we strive to demonstrate how site-specific forest management plans can both enhance the landscape and offer greater productivity of your land.

A certified forester can provide you:

  • Forest Inventory
  • Long-range forest planning
  • Fires Risk Assessment & Protection Plan
  • Thinning & Logging
  • Reforestation
  • Range Management
  • Analysis of Wildlife Habitat

Good forest management of timberland generates income while continuing to increase the value of the property. The quality of the timber is evaluated to determine when an appropriate time to sell might be, both from a price and a biological standpoint. The landowner, with a solid management plan, has a sense of direction for his/her property. There is a documented evaluation and description of the resources and a silvacultural prescription. It helps sort out the priorities and various influences.

Managing a forest for its species, varying ages, wildlife habitat and landowner goals requires careful selection of leave trees, seedling protection and consideration of animal ecosystems. Using scale-equipment and the timing of when the logging is done can make a huge difference in the quality of the harvest and protection of the land.